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Les taupes, chassées de ma pelouse par mon ami le taupier, se sont réfugiées dans le verger, où je les admets volontiers. Elles remuent la terre auprès des pommiers, et nous faisons désormais bon ménage, un excellent ménage même, car je ramasse à pel...

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Such is the greeting that Goethe painted on the wooden doorstep of his house in Weimar, it is still there today. I liked the sentiment and copied it for my own doorstep with surprising result: at first visitors admired it, expressed astonishment and carefully stepped over it, now they just walk straight across it.

So, welcome to the entrance of my website. Cross the threshold and come in: we are trying, Pixing and I, to provide a clear and detailed picture of myself and my work (stories, inspirations, first chapters). You can also read my updates and responses to them.

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