Monday News Updates (year 2006)

Of course I never write my books by hand, much less with a quill pen. I use my Apple Macintosh, it is easy, quick and above all I can revise, correct, modify or add to my work without leaving any crossing out. In one sense it seems a shame, manuscripts with visible changes have a special charm, especially for future generations who can see the thought process of the writer. But for one manuscript preserved for posterity, how many pieces of screwed up paper found their way into the waste paper basket?

So, I never write my novels by hand. However every week I pick up my pen (a real pen) and write a few lines on the events, big and small, which have made me stop and think. I put these musings into my diary, usually on Mondays because that is the day that nobody is allowed to come or call.

Hence the name "Monday News Updates". I will put them on the website each month and your comments will be very welcome.

Date Title
16-08-2006Les cloches (1 comment)
30-05-2006Droit de douve
20-05-2006Peu de choses
17-05-2006Baisser les bras
24-04-2006La ligne blanche
01-04-2006Poisson d'avril
28-03-2006À la recherche du temps perdu (1 comment)
23-03-2006Brèche-dent (1 comment)
04-03-2006Goethe, Shakespeare et Cie (1 comment)